Aytekin - Serol Company's long term success is mainly due to its sustained quality. Our vision for meeting the quality goals covers a wider scope than just quality control and it is our overall Quality Assurance Program. The quality assurance program had started with a recognition as a program back in 2003. The main philosophy behind this approach is being proactive and trying to eliminate the redundancy and other losses that may happen as a result of unsatisfactory applications. Our slogan for this approach is "Quality is produced not controlled". Therefore we have invested in the quality assurance program to realize the Right First Time goal.
By 2006 our company has felt the need to establish a more systematic and institutionalized quality management system with the increase in workload and number of company personnel. For this purpose our company had started a process to adopt the ISO9001 procedures in the light of our company quality principles. The goal was to determine all the necessary steps to successful service providing and thereby a guidebook where standard quality services or products are achieved every time and under different project conditions or customers. As a result of these efforts our company has received the ISO 9001-2000 certificate in July 2008.
Since the time of certificate award continuous improvements have been done to our quality management system. During a refreshment survey of our certificate in July 2011 we have received a "PERFECT" rating and was updated in addition to perfect rating we received in July 2011 we have received perfect rating in September 2014 and October 2017 uptaded once again.

You can reach our ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate with the following link.

ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate